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TraceTek Raychem

California Detection Systems specializes in promoting Raychem Heat Tracing and TraceTek Leak Detection products, manufactured by Pentair Thermal Management. CDS has been a Master Distributor for Raychem and TraceTek in the United States for over 10 years.

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What's New at CDS
Celebrating 40 Years of Raychem Technology and Innovation

Click for larger image September 11, 2014 – Read more on Raychem's history & how to join our Online Formula E Competition – Great prizes to win each month!...More

New Product: TT–TS12 Touch Screen Control Panel

Click for larger image June 10, 2013 – Pentair Thermal Management, a business unit within Pentair Ltd. (NYSE: PNR), is proud to announce the launch of the TraceTek TS12 Touchscreen panel (“TT-TS12”). The TT-TS12 is able to manage simple or complex leak detection installations...More

Product News: TraceTek Leak Detection System Receives FM Approval for FM Class 7745

Click for larger image June 10, 2013 – Pentair Thermal Management, a business unit within Pentair Ltd. (NYSE: PNR), is proud to announce that its TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor (TT-FFS) has been approved along with other components...More

Product News: Wireless Leak Detection for Tank Farms

Click for larger image Tyco Thermal Controls is the world leader in liquid leak detection solutions for the industrial, commercial, and environmental markets. The TraceTek® group of Tyco Thermal Controls has teamed with the Rosemount Division of Emerson to combine state–of–the–art tank overfill and leak detection...More

New Product: TT–FLASHER–BE

Click for larger image Tyco Thermal Controls, a part of Tyco International and a global leak detection solutions leader has received Factory Mutual Class I, Division1 / Zone 0 /Ex ia approval for its TT–Flasher visual alarm and now includes it as a low–cost entry level system for tank farms in its portfolio of TraceTek fuel leak detection systems for hazardous areas...More

New Product: TT1100–OHP

Click for larger image TraceTek TT1100–OHP sensor cable detects water leaks at any point along the cable length. TT1100–OHP is supplied with an absorptive synthetic fiber braid designed to wick water along the cable even when the water leak is dripping from a single small pin hole or crack...More

New Product: TT7000

Click for larger image TraceTek TT7000 sensing cable detects and locates concentrated sulfuric acid at any point along its length, yet does not reaxt to the presence of water. Installed with a TraceTek alarm and locating module, the cable senses the acid, triggers an alarm, and pinpoints...More

New Product: Fast Fuel Sensor

Click for larger image TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor is a fast acting probe designed to detect hydrocarbon fuel floating on water, spreading on a flat surface or collecting in a sump. The probe ignores water, but detects a thin film of fuel floating...More

New Product: TT–iServer

Click to open TT–Mini–Probe Product Bulletin The TraceTek iServer is the simplest, easiest, most economical way to connect TraceTek Sensor Interface Modules (TT–SIM) to an Ethernet network and the Internet. When you type its name in a Web Browser...More

New Product: QuickNet Floor Warming

Click for larger image Raychem QuickNet floor warming system is installed directly under ceramic tiles or natural stone. It provides ideal comfort heating in your bathroom...More

New Product: TTSIM–2

Click for larger image The TTSIM–2 Sensor Interface Module monitors up to 150 meters (500 Feet) of Tracetek sensing cable. When liquid is detected, the TTSIM–2 unit indicates the leak, displays the location of the leak and switches a relay to provide local voltage–free contact closure...More

New Product: TTA–SIM

Click for larger image The TTA–SIM has been designed for use with TraceTek sensing cables, point sensors and normally open, dry contact devices (float switch, pressure or vacuum switch, optical probe with adaptor, limit switch, etc.) Up to 500 Feet (150 m) of sensor cable can be monitored by the TTA–SIM. When liquid is detected...More