The XL–Trace system provides freeze protection and flow maintenance of pipes in commercial applications. Typical applications include; buried pipes, cooling tower lines, sprinkler systems, fire standpipe and drain pipes, exposed plumbing systems, and metal and plastic pipes.

Electromelt self–regulating heating cables are specifically designed for direct burial in concrete. The actual heating cables are protected by a copper braid and encased in a 55–mil modified polyolefin outer jacket. With no exposed metal parts to corrode, no cold leads to fail, and no burnout due to overlaps or hot spots, rugged ElectroMelt heating cable offers the best solution for all types of concrete pavement snow–melting and anti–icing applications.

The IceStop system provides de–icing on roofs, in gutters, and in downspouts made from all types of standard roof/gutter materials, including metal, plastic, wood, shake, shingle, composite, and tar. The IceStop family is part of Raychem's line of self–regulating heating cables.

HWAT self–regulating heating cable by Raychem is installed on domestic hot water supply pipes underneath standard pipe insulation. The cable adjusts its power output to compensate for variations in water temperature and ambient temperature. It produces more heat if the temperature drops and less if the temperature rises. The heating cable replaces supply–pipe heat losses at the point where the heat loss occurs, thereby providing continuous, energy–efficient, hot water temperature maintenance and eliminating the need for a recirculation system.

The RaySol floor heating system is designed for heat–loss replacement, freezer frost heave prevention and floor warming for concrete, tile or marble. Because it uses a Raychem self–regulating cable, a RaySol system will supply the right heat only where and when it is needed. The radiant heat provided by the RaySol heating cable allows you to feel comfortable at lower air temperatures, resulting in lower heating costs.

When your feet feel warm, your entire body feels warm. With QuickNet electric floor warming system, you are sure to feel more comfortable. Simply install the QuickNet heating cable between the ceramic tile or natural stone and the sub floor and let the comfort begin.