Simple and Sure Leak Detection and Location
TraceTek sensing cables are designed to detect the presence of liquid at any point along their length. Because TraceTek cables use a four-wire construction, monitoring the two circuit loops provides a continual and positive verification of system integrity. The presence of liquid creates a circuit between the two sensing wires, and triggers an alarm —with no moving parts or calibration. The four-wire TraceTek circuit also provides uniform sensitivity —even a small amount of liquid will trip the alarm, regardless of where it happens to contact the sensing cable. The elegantly simple TraceTek circuit allows a choice of monitoring approaches. There’s a TraceTek system to fit the application, whether a simple detection system (for a small, isolated area) or a complex, multibranched locating system (to monitor a large area).

TraceTek locating system even pinpoints where liquid contacted the sensing cable.
A quick glance at a map of the system layout (supplied as part of the TraceTek system) makes it easy to quickly locate the leak source.

Technology Comparison
Almost all other leak detection systems sense materials INDIRECTLY. That is, they detect an event caused by a leak instead of the leak itself. A float switch sensor, for example, detects a movement of the component's electrical contacts which are actuated by movement of the float itself. Movement of the contact, of course, may or may not be a leak. The same is true of capacitance measuring 2-wire cable systems (TDR [Time Domain Reflectometry] technology). These systems detect only a change in capacitance level and then try to evaluate this change with a somewhat sophisticated computer program. However, a change in capacitance can be caused by a re-positioned cable, a change in moisture level, corrosion at a connector, and a host of other factors. The control module is then left with the near impossible task of sorting out a leak or a continuity failure from some other event which causes a capacitance change. The performance and reliability of TraceTek leak detection systems are unequaled in the leak detection industry.